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Smart Liposuction, Brazilian Butt lift, Botox and Dermal Fillers – New Radiance MedSpa



Liposuction Palm BeachLiposuction with Fat Transfer to Butt
Thermage CPTUltherapy Face and Neck Skin Tightening
Palm Beach’s Top Medical Spa & Smart Liposuction Center 

Anti-Aging & Cosmetic Services let you make aging an option and can take years off your appearance with technologies such as Ultherapy and Thermage CPT. Botox  can take away lines and wrinkles and and Dermal Fillers JuvedermRadiesse, Juvederm and Sculptra add lost facial volume. We have the latest technology including  Thermage CPT Total Tip, Ultracavitaion and Viora Reaction. Get the body you’ve dreamed of today with Dr. Neil Goodman and Smart Liposuction laser body sculpting with Fat Transfer to the Buttocks  - The Brazilian Butt Lift.

Gwenth Paltrow Thermage Plastic SurgeryAt New Radiance, laser technology is used to restore the skin’s youthful appearance with Photorejuvenation (IPL)Thermage CPT,  UltherapyFraxel Skin Resurfacing and more. From wrinkles to sun-damage, age spots, laser hair removalcellulite treatments and everything in between, we can have the solution so you can look younger and feel great about the way you look.

If you want to lose inches or lose cellulite, our expert staff will take care of your every need. If you are looking for cosmetic and aesthetic services such as chemical peelsmicrodermabrasionfacialsstretch mark reduction,  cellulite treatments or almost anything else, you will find it here. Nobody in Palm Beach County has more cutting edge technology than you will find at New Radiance.

Get the body you’ve dreamed of with Dr. Neil Goodman and Smart Liposuction Laser Liposuction which melts fat, tightens skin and treats cellulite. Let Smart Liposuction transform your body from the one you see in your mirror to the skinnier and tighter body you desire and let fat grafting reshape your buttocks with the Brazilian Butt Lift.


liposuction with fat transfer to buttocks

Brazilian Butt Lift – Smart Liposuction & Fat Transfer

Dr. Neil Goodman M.D., P.C. – State of the Art Smart Liposuction Expertgoodman

Dr. Neil Goodman  is a Board Certified surgeon who specializes in laser liposuction and body contouring  as well as Fat transfer and state of the art Brazilian Butt Lift.

Dr Goodman has performed thousands of Laser liposuction procedures and is Palm Beach’s liposuction expert. Dr. Goodman is truly gifted at cosmetic surgery, and has performed over 4000 successful laser liposuction body shaping procedures on all parts of the body including: abdomen, love handles, thighs, buttocks, neck, back, calves,  arms and more.

Smart Liposuction removes excess body fat by literally melting fat away with laser energy thereby eliminating stubborn fat deposits to sculpt, contour, and reshape your body resulting a stunning new shape and a dramatically enhanced figure.

Why Choose Smart Liposuction at New Radiance?

joint accredited

The answer is simple: Dr. Goodman’s Smart Laser Liposuction can remove as much as 4 times as much fat as Smartlipo and other laser liposuction procedure performed at other facilities and he has the experience and expertise to do it. Smartlipo and other office based laser liposuction procedures are restricted to removal of less than 1 liter of fat by law.

Because we are a Joint Commission accredited facility, Smart Liposuction can remove as Much as 4 times more fat than Smartlipo or other Laser Lipo Procedures at office based facilities. Plus it Tightens Skin & Treats Cellulite which is why Dr Goodman does more Smart Liposuction cases than any surgeon in Florida.

If you are seeking a permanent solution to bothersome fat deposits unresponsive to diet and exercise, Smart liposuction works brilliantly and tightens skin magnificently.


Smart Liposuction Advantages:

  • Sculpts body, Removes Fat, Stimulates Collagen and Tightens Skin.
  • Safe, quick and easy - Only local Anesthesia Needed. No General Anesthesia Risks!
  • Walk-in, Walk-out: Back to work in a Day
  • Smart Liposuction results are far superior to liposuction.
  • Treats cellulite – The most effective treatment currently available permanently.

Results are Permanent – Fat Cells are Removed.

Actual Patient Testimonial:

Dr. Goodman performed Smart liposuction on me exactly 4 weeks ago today. He did my lower back, flanks, abdomen and a Brazilian butt lift. From my first consultation appointment to today’s second follow-up appointment, Dr. Goodman has been great. I am a medical professional myself and am very satisfied with Dr. Goodman’s knowledge and bedside manner. He told me what I should expect and he was true to his word. The procedure was not painful and the recovery was as he said it would be. His staff have always been courteous and professional. To date, I have lost 10.5 inches in total and will lose more, as I am still swollen. He does good work and I have referred several people to him and will continue to do so.


Smart Liposuction Laser liposuction

  • Uses local anesthesia for safer procedures
  • Only uses small cannulas used to remove fat
  • Specific fat removal volumes taken from specific areas
  • Patients can stand-up mid procedure for review and correction
  • Laser tighten skin, reduce stretch marks and cellulite
  • Quantitative fat transfers to areas that need augmentation rather than volume reduction (butt lift or laser facelift)
Smart liposuction

Our skincare specialists will work with you to discover and discuss your personal skin care needs. It’s a personalized approach based on our sound medical and clinical judgments.New Radiance MedSpa cosmetic treatments include: Botox and Dysport as well as Dermal filers including RadiesseRestylaneJuvederm and Perlane. Cosmetic laser treatments include: GentleLase Laser Hair RemovalFraxelLaser Photo Facial – IPL, VelaShape, Viora Cellulite ReductionSmartlipo Laser LiposuctionThermageLaser Toenail fungus treatment, Laser Skin Tightening and many others. Spa services include: MicrodermabrasionChemical and Vi Peels, as well as facials and acne treatments. All cosmetic surgery procedures are done by a Board Certified physician. We have the reputation, experience, technology, training, and focus that you deserve.

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