Brazilian Butt Lift Expert, Dr. Neil C. Goodman – Board Certified, Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Accredited Facility – Get the figure you desire & a perfectly shaped sexy butt* all in one safe, simple procedure at $2000 – $5000 less than at other Facilities.

  • Laser Body Sculpting shapes body, Fat is Removed from Problem Areas
  • Results are a youthful, prominent, perky buttocks & a more sensual profile*
  • Fat is Transplanted to the Buttocks resulting in long-lasting Butt Augmentation
  • Safe, quick and easy – Only local Anesthesia Needed. No General Anesthesia Risks!
    Walk-in, Walk-out: Back to work in a Day
  • Shapely, round buttocks make waist and thighs appear smaller*
  • Results in a more attractive and sensuous appearance*
  • Fills the upper quadrant of your buttocks making the butt more lifted and perky*

brazilian-buttliftThe Brazilian Butt lift is a natural butt enhancement that uses your own fat sculpted with Smart Liposuction from from areas you don’t want fat. Unwanted fat is processed and then transferred to the buttocks to add needed volume for a more youthful, prominent and perky buttocks and a more sensual profile. There are no risks of General Anesthesia, as in the skilled hands hands of Palm Beach’s Brazilian Butt lift expert only local anesthesia is needed. You can walk in and walk out with the figure you desire plus a perfectly shaped and sexy buttocks in one safe, simple, and affordable procedure.

Dr. Goodman MD, PC, PhD, FACOG, FAACS, Board Certified and Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Smart Liposuction & Brazilian Butt Lift Expert

Doctor Goodman  is known as one of the top laser liposuction and fat grafting experts in the Nation. Dr. Goodman specializes in Smart laser liposuction and  fat transfer to buttocks, breast and face and has performed over 5000 Smart liposuction and fat transfer procedures. Dr Goodman is a truly gifted Cosmetic Surgeon and  Smart Liposuction expert who will deliver you the body of your dreams and a beautiful and sexy buttocks.* Dr. Neil Goodman, removes fat from selected areas of your body sculpting that part of your body and then injects these fat cells into specific areas of the buttocks using advanced fat grafting techniques.

Dr.Goodman has performed over 5,500 liposuction procedures.


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Dr. Neil C. Goodman – Simply put, fat is taken from where you don’t want it and is used to for buttocks augmentation. The process, know as fat grafting, reshapes your body and buttocks, putting lost fat where it can used to sculpt a curvaceous figure, taking sagging buttocks and make them curvy, perky and more youthful. Smart liposuction is often done around and near the buttocks to sculpt and lift.

  • He has performed over 5000 of these specific procedures
  • Has a huge library of his before and after photos which he will share with you
  • More affordable and more experienced – Stunning results
  • Is a body sculpting artist ….not just a lipo or fat removal surgeon
  • The procedure delivers a more attractive and more sensuous appearance
  • Butt injections as a butt augmentation procedure also have the advantage of being safer and much less invasive than butt implants, and the results look more natural.
Dr. Neil C. Goodman
“In the last ten years I have performed thousands of “Smart Liposuction” procedures. Over half of my cases now involve fat transfer to the Buttocks and Breast and thus I have become specialized in these procedures. The Before and After photos of my patients are typical of my work. The photos shown are my patients and an opportunity for you to view real results of happy patients.” -Warmest Regards, Neil Goodman, MD, PC, FACOG, FAACS.

The Joint Commission National Quality Approval - Dr. Neil C. Goodman
Joint Commission Accreditation & Gold Seal of Approval, Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Neil Goodman is able to remove up to 4 liters of fat, which is 4 times more than liposuction procedures at other non accredited facilities.


Brazilian Butt Lift – Dr. Neil C. Goodman’s Specialty

The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure not only reshapes the buttocks but also adds volume to the buttock so that the butt is lifted and perky. Dr. Goodman is one of the original pioneers of the Brazilian Butt Lift and is an undisputed expert at this amazing figure enhancing surgery. With more than 5,500 procedures performed you benefit greatly from having an experienced surgeon sculpting your body.

Sculpt your Buttocks for a Full and Perky Figure*

Dr. Neil C. Goodman is one of the original pioneers of the Brazilian Butt Lift and is an undisputed expert at this amazing figure enhancing surgery. He has the experience to give you the body you have been striving for. During your consultation, you we will see results from his former patients – someone with a body just like you – so you’ll have a clear example of how your procedure will turn out. Ask today how fat injections to the butt can improve your figure.*

The Brazilian butt lift procedure uses fat from other problem areas in the body (typically the thighs or abdomen) and with fat grafting techniques relocates it to the buttocks. In essence, it turns a problem into an asset!*


The Brazilian Butt Lift is typically an $8,500 – $10,000 procedure at other facilities but unparalleled experience allows Dr. Goodman to perform this procedure at an affordable price. Brazilian Butt lift requires a minimum of 2 areas of Liposuction for sufficient fat. Liposuction of 3 areas is typically around $4995 but depends on the volume of fat removed and the size of the patient and areas. The cost for fat transfer depends on the amount of fat required to achieve the results desired but may add an additional $1500 -$2500. Fees are based on amount of liposuction and fat transfer required and therefore will be higher for larger areas and large and very large patients.

Note: Dr. Goodman will quote you an individual price during your free consultation. This specific consultation quote will include all advertised discounts and will be the absolute lowest price based on your individual consultation and procedure.

Financing options are available. Consultations are Complimentary

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Question and Answer:

What is the difference between a Brazilian Butt lift and butt implants?
There are two different ways to enlarge your buttocks: Butt Implants (which is insertion of silicone implants) or fat transfer. The fat transfer method, known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, is fat injections or fat transfer to the buttocks which has a lower risk of infection compared butt implants. An additional benefit of fat injection is that a shapelier buttock is able to be achieved. Additionally, the area liposuctioned is much more defined and leaner, giving a more defined profile and thereby resulting in a more sensuous look. The combination of liposuction and fat injections produces an attractive and natural profile.

How is the fat injected into the buttocks?
The buttock is first contoured by performing liposuction in the areas around the buttocks to make them stand out more. Common areas liposuctioned include the back- directly above the butt, the stomach, and the thighs. Note that even the liposuction alone will give your lower body a more attractive look.

The fat suctioned from these areas is carefully processed and purified such that only a fraction of the donor fat removed will qualify for re-injection to the buttocks. In order to get enough qualified fat, New Radiance Plastic Surgeons must liposuction at least 2 areas of your body. After liposuction, the surgeon carefully purifies the fat so that only the best donor fat cells are injected back into your buttocks for augmentation. The fat is placed or transferred to the buttocks with special cannulas. The surgeons injects small amounts of purified fat into hundreds of different areas of the buttocks precisely targeting various depths so that the highest absorption rate is achieved. Correct injection methods are essential to achieve a uniform, smooth, natural appearance to the buttocks and Dr Goodman is Palm Beach’s expert.

How long do the fat injections last?

When fat is harvested, processed, and injected correctly, the result should be fat that thrives and therefore is long lasting. The procedure usually does not even require touch ups or any additional fat injections. Fat injections are long lasting when done correctly. The Brazilian butt lift result is highly dependent upon the experience of the surgeon.

More Information

Liposuction with Fat Transfer to Breasts
Liposuction with Fat Transfer to Face

Dr. Goodman is able to transfer body fat to the breasts to create a completely natural augmentation using fat grafting to the breasts as an alternative to implants. Women have always wanted to move fat from their waist or thighs to their breasts. Now it is possible with what is called a Natural breast enlargement using your own fat harvested during liposuction.

Fat grafting to the breast consists of two procedures performed on the same day: first, harvesting the fat during liposuction and second, placement of the fat into the breasts. To begin, a substantial amount of fat is removed manually without the use of Laser or Ultrasonic machines with a harvesting cannula. Harvested fat is processed via centrifugation to separate out the unwanted components such as blood, oil and water and then fat is injected meticulously using infiltration cannulas.

Fat transfer to the breasts has many advantages over implants, but the major advantages are:

* As you own fat is used and it comes from your own body it is inherently safe

* Fat is a completely natural way to enhance breasts as they are composed mostly of fat

* Harvesting of the fat can be used to enhance your shape

* Breasts can be sculpted and shaped little by little with every fat transfer

* There are no incisions and thus no scarring – Micro cannula are used & require only needle sized holes

Breast augmentation using this technique is meticulous. Fat is fragile and must be harvested gently. Fat is placed not only so that it will create an aesthetic, natural appearance, but also so that the newly transplanted fat will survive.

You can schedule a FREE consultation with us to discuss your individual needs with you and answer any questions you may have about Brazilian butt lifts.