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Venus Freeze – *The #1 Treatment available for Fat & Cellulite Reduction & Skin Tightening in Palm Beach

*Named #1 Non-Invasive Treatment at  American Health and  Beauty  Awards

What Venus Freeze Does: Venus Freeze creates an intense thermal reaction and heating of tissues which can be used to shrink and destroy fat cells as well as tighten skin. After the treatment and as a result of intense heating the body’s natural healing response is triggered, new collagen is formed and new elastin fibers are produced which result in a contracting and tightening of the skin. Venus Freeze can be used to target fat cell s by heating them up to the point that they actually are destroyed or shrink dramatically. This process triggers the lymphatic system to remove cellular debris as a natural cleansing process.

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Venus Freeze Treatment Areas

  • Lifts and tightens loose skin of the face, and body (Great on Stomach)
  • Tightens Skin and Smooths out Wrinkles
  • Reduces Fat & Cellulite
  • Dramatically reduces the Appearance of Stretch Marks
  • Provides a safe, pleasant, and pain-free experience for face and body including arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck and face
  • No Downtime, No Discomfort – Feels like a like a hot stone message

How Venus Freeze Works: Venus Freeze  uses Multi-polar radio frequency and Pulsed Magnetic fields to drive heat through the skin and into the underlying dermis and tissues which causes a thermal reaction and tightens skin as well triggering the body’s natural healing response to produce new collagen and elastin fibers. It is a new technology BUT it is used for the same end result as other technologies such as Ultherapy, Thermage and other skin tightening and fat reduction devices.

We prefer this device to others because it really works which is why it was named: “The #1 Non-Invasive Treatment available today” at the American Health and Beauty Awards.

Venus Freeze for Face Neck and BodyUsing patented (MP)² technology, Venus Freeze creates multi-polar radio frequency and Pulsed Magnetic fields, forming a complex pattern of heat over the skin. The multi-polar radio frequency causes a thermal reaction in the tissue which stimulates the body’s natural healing response. As a result of this process, new collagen is formed and new elastin fibers are produced, contracting and tightening the skin, softening the wrinkles and reducing any cellulite.

Skin Tightening with Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze Skin TighteningWhat are the benefits of the magnetic pulse component of (MP)2? For starters, it acts as a catalyst for factors necessary in the growth of new blood vessels and dermal fibroblast, a type of cell that synthesizes the extracellular matrix and collagen. At the same time, the RF component induces collagen and elastin synthesis by causing controlled thermal damage in the skin, inducing the self-repair mechanism of skin tissue. Result? A noticeable improvement in skin tightness, elasticity and the overall condition of the skin.


Cellulite Reduction

Venus Freeze Cellulite Reduction

Simply put, Venus Freeze’s unique technology melts fat cells that reside under the skin’s surface. It causes the fat cells to literally open up and release their contents. Also, with the regeneration of blood vessels and the strengthening of collagen and elastin fibers, there is more support in the skin, reducing the telltale dimples associated with cellulite. See the difference!

Fat Reduction

Venus Freeze Circumferential Reduction
Looking to reduce your belly or your love handles non-surgically? Venus technology reduces fat cells just under the skin’s surface. Over time, with treatments, the fat is continually melted, causing a reduction in circumference. At the same time, it causes regeneration of blood vessels, strengthening of collagen and elastin fibers, as well as regeneration of these fibers. The regeneration of these fibers creates more even support in the skin, reducing dimples, and creating a smoother look and feel, qualifying the Venus Freeze® as non-surgical fat removal in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Studies have shown an inch and a half difference around the waistline after just six treatments!

Venus Freeze Reader's Choice Award

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