Smart Liposuction is the Safest, Most Effective and Most Affordable Body Sculpting Available Today.

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  • Dr Neil Goodman is one of the Nation’s Top Laser Liposuction Surgeons as well as a Fat Transfer Expert. Dr Goodman’s Smart Liposuction will deliver the most effective permanent fat removal and Body Sculpting available anywhere today.
  • “Smart Liposuction” – Developed in New York . . . Now in Palm Beach Gardens!
  • Smart Liposuction can Remove as Much as 4 Times more fat than other laser liposuction procedures such as Smartlipo.

Doctor Goodman MD, PC, FACOG, FAACS is a truly gifted surgeon, nationally known as one of the top Smart laser liposuction and fat grafting experts. Why Choose Smart Liposuction at New Radiance? The answers are simple: Dr. Goodman has performed over 4000 Smart Liposuction procedures and with this vast experience he also trains other doctors on his perfected Smart Liposuction techniques as well as fat transfer to breast & buttocks known as a Brazilian Butt Lift.

Dr. Goodman’s Smart Laser Liposuction can remove as much as 4 times as much fat as Smartlipo and other laser liposuction procedure performed at other facilities, and he has the experience and expertise to do it. Smartlipo and other office-based laser liposuction procedures are restricted to removal of less than 1 liter of fat by law.

Liposuction for CelluliteLarge Volume Liposuction

Dr. Goodman is accredited at New Radiance and approved by The Joint Hospital Commission and the Florida Board of Medicine for Level 1 office based surgery which allows for removal of up to 4 liters of fat. Most facilities are not approved and therefore are restricted to removing only 1 liter of fat or less which greatly limits the results possible.

Smart Liposuction, a permanent solution to problem areas of fat which are unresponsive to diet and exercise and also tightens skin magnificently, was developed by Dr Neil Goodman to permanently remove unwanted fat and sculpt the body utilizing the latest advancements in laser technology.

Dr Neil Goodman is New York and Palm Beach’s Laser Liposuction Expert and the Board Certified Surgeon who will deliver the most effective permanent fat removal and Body Sculpting available anywhere today. This body sculpting procedure leaves “Smartlipo” laser lipo far behind and CoolSculpting in the Ice Ages. You can regain your figure now with Smart Liposuction body sculpting. Dr Goodman can prove his results – He has thousands of before and after pictures to show you that you must see to believe.

Smart Liposuction Advantages:

  • Sculpts body, Removes Fat, Stimulates Collagen and Tightens Skin.
  • Safe, quick and easy – Only local Anesthesia Needed. No General Anesthesia Risks!
  • Walk-in, Walk-out: Back to work in a Day
  • Smart Liposuction results are far superior to liposuction.
  • Treats cellulite – The most effective treatment currently available permanently.
  • Results are Permanent – Fat Cells are Removed.

Consultations with Dr. Neil Goodman are no obligation and absolutely free. Rest assured that Dr. Goodman will answer all your questions and let you know all the options possible to achieve your aesthetic and body sculpting goals. During your consult he can show you hundreds of before and after liposuction pictures which will demonstrate his unmatched skill. No doubt you have a few questions about this exciting new way of transforming your body from the one you see in your mirror to the skinnier and tighter body you desire. Just give us a call, or simply fill out the Free Consultation form on this page. You can soon be living in the body you’ve dreamed of with Smart laser liposuction.

male abs liposuctionliposuction before after

Laser liposuction permanently removes fat, tightens skin and treats cellulite. Unfortunately, the aging process also creates droopy buttocks and breasts which is why breast augmentation with implants is the #1 cosmetic surgery procedure in the Nation. But the most exciting advancement in cosmetic surgery today is fat transfer to the buttocks called “Brazilian Butt Lift” and fat transfer to the breasts.

Liposuction sculpts your body removing areas of fat deposit where you do not want them. Fat grafting reshapes your body putting lost fat where it can used to sculpt a curvaceous figure such as to the breast for a “natural” breast augmentation or to the buttocks in order to convert a sagging buttocks and  it into a “Brazilian Butt” with the Brazilian Butt lift technique of fat grafting to the buttocks.

Why Choose Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Neil Goodman, a True Liposuction & Laser Liposuction Expert?

  • One of the most experienced Smart Liposuction experts you will find – a true body sculpting artist, not just a fat removal surgeon.
  • Has a huge library of before and after photos of his work which he will share with you
  • Is accredited to do large and medium sized cases, not just small cases
  • Specializes in laser liposuction surgery and fat transfer to buttocks and breast
  • Affordable pricing, with financing options available
  • Has performed thousands of these procedures over the course of his career

Smart Liposuction combines two procedures in one – Smartlipo and PAL or Vaser liposuction to deliver the most effective permanent fat removal and cellulite treatment available today. No other cosmetic surgery procedure comes close. Regain your figure now with laser body sculpting that you have to see to believe.

liposuction for armslegs liposuction

How does this compare to CoolScupting Fat Freezing? CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ is designed for spot treatment of areas and claims reduction of 20-25% of fat from a specific area 2-6 months after treatment and has no body contouring or skin tightening aspects. Smart Laser Liposuction can be used to sculpt the body and can also take a much higher percentage of fat which is removed permanently at the time of treatment with no waiting. Smart Laser Liposuction is also much more affordable than CoolSculpting as CoolSculpting ranges from $600-750 to $1200-$1500/per cycle for small applicator and larges applicator for small and large areas. In treating several areas, patients average 8 cycles making cost a very real concern. But, as per the Company when seeking“liposuction-like results without surgery”  patients need 10 or 12 cycles. Add those numbers up and the total cost of CoolSculpting comes to almost triple the cost of Smart Liposuction with Dr. Neil Goodman.

Laser Liposuction with fat transfer to breast or buttocks are safe, comfortable procedures which are so gentle that patients resume normal activity within a few hours.   Most patients can resume work and light exercise the next day and only require Tylenol for a day or two after the procedure. Tremendous advancements have been made in the science of fat removal and skin tightening. Smartlipo and Ultrasonic Liposuction combine the two most effective technologies into one safe procedure that permanently removes unwanted fat and tightens skin. Ultrasonic energy is used to heat and melt fat which is then easily removed as a liquid with no damage to blood vessels and nerves in the fat.

Unlike any other cosmetic surgery for body sculpting performed in South Florida, Smart liposuction  is unique in that it not only utilizes the Smart Lipo laser but additionally ultrasonic technology known as Vaser is utilized during the same case. Indisputably, Laser is the best technology available for liposuction and tissue tightening.

Smart Liposuction, is a two part process.  First, larger amounts of fat are removed using the Microaire PAL (power assisted liposuction) with a minimally invasive technique which uses very small cannulas. Second, using tiny laser fibers that travel under the skin, laser energy is delivered that disrupts fat cells, allowing the removal of liquid fat, while significantly heating the skin.  This temperature elevation is the second process and is what causes a significant retraction of the overlying skin, resulting in significant skin tightening, leaving you with much smoother, tighter skin and significant fat removal all in one process!  The laser provides the most effective way to tighten skin. By heating the deep skin, the laser stimulates cells in the skin to create new collagen. Collagen forms a weave which gives skin strength and elasticity.

Our liposuction procedure uses only local anesthesia which eliminates the risks of general anesthesia. Therefore it is one of the safest cosmetic procedures performed today. During Smart lipo Ultra you will be completely comfortable yet fully awake and able to provide the doctor with important feedback on sensation and warmth in the treatment areas. This allows for removal of significantly more fat than with other techniques; yet another reason why it is superior to other liposuction techniques. The procedure requires no post procedure pain medications as you will walk in and walk out and be doing light exercise the next day. Patients do not require extended recovery or overnight admission like with traditional old fashioned liposuction. At New Radiance we believe each patient deserves a unique and individualized treatment. We will meet with you for an extensive consultation prior to the procedure. After the procedure he will also personally see you for follow up.


I definitely had problem fat on my abs, hips, and thighs lower buttock area and it made it difficult for me to get clothes to fit my figure. The exercise and dieting routines I did didn’t effect those areas. There are several Smart Lipo centers that I could go to but I chose Smart Lipo Palm Beach because I had a friend who also had the procedure done there and she told me about it and looked great. I felt safer going there considering that it was a certified Smart Lipo training center. I am so glad that I did as I am now a well-sculpted and happy client with a beautiful derriere.
– Tracy B

Smart Lipo Palm Beach has done for me what years of diet and exercise couldn’t. I had a double chin and wobbly underarms so that short sleeves were embarrassing. Now, my unflattering upper arm fat is gone and my neck and chin make me look 40 pounds lighter plus my skin feels smoother and tighter. Sleeveless clothes are now part of my wardrobe again for the first time in years.
– Sandy

Following the delivery of third child, I was left with a tummy with a bulge of fat that and nothing I did could persuade it to go away. I also had sagging, loose skin that I felt it looked terrible. I didn’t ever want to put a bathing suit on again. SmartLipo Ultra laser liposuction at SLPB Liposculpture Center perfected my tummy, leaving me looking almost the way I looked like prior to my kids, doing wonders for my figure and self confidence. I can now even wear a bikini. Thank you Smart Lipo Palm Beach.
– Barbara Simon

God how I wanted to get rid of my back fat, belly roll and love handles but nothing worked and I was lost for what to do. Then I heard about Smart Lipo Palm Beach. I had heard radio spots for other places but went online and read the blogs and they are scary. Wow, talk about unhappy customers. So I put it off and thought it was just a scam. Then a friend told me about Smart lipo Palm Beach. She said this was a place that offers SmartLipo as just one of many services. I hoped for the best and that is exactly what I got. Thank you so much Smart Lipo Palm Beach staff.
– Betty

Smart  Liposuction Cellulite Reduction

85 – 98% of women will develop cellulite at some point in their lives 151,000,000 women in the US alone. Did you know that no amount of diet or exercise can prevent or reduce cellulite? Even average, lean and fit women frequently have cellulite. Smart lipo cellulite reduction isn’t just about creating smoother, tighter skin – it’s also about creating a more confident, self-assured you.

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