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VISIA Digital Skin Care Analysis



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Your Choice for VISIA Skin Care Analysis in the Palm Beaches

VISIA® is a diagnostic tool that photographs and analyzes various aspects of the face, including pore size, spots, wrinkles and bacteria. With a VISIA® examination, you can discover the problem areas of your face and consult with your doctor on how to treat them. The VISIA® examination is painless and provides great information on the quality of your skin.

VISIA® Digital Skin Analysis is an exciting technological innovation that uses a multi-spectral imaging system to identify problem areas of your complexion, allowing for a customized skin treatment program that specifically targets these areas.

The VISIA Digital Skin Analysis is the first diagnostic tool to provide clinical measurement of surface and subsurface epidermal irregularities and pigment conditions. VISIA’s photographic technology captures a clear, multi-dimensional image of select facial areas, while examining the severity of various age-related conditions such as:

* Fine lines and wrinkles
* Hyperpigmentation (age/dark spots)
* Enlarged pores
* Skin tone evenness (color variation)
* Porphyrins (evidence of bacterial growth)
* Sun damage (UV spots)

At New Radiance MedSpa, we recommend that a Digital Skin Analysis be performed during your initial one-on-one Skin Evaluation, as the results of the analysis provide the framework for creating a personalized facial rejuvenation programs that are designed to obtain optimal improvement in your skin color and texture. In some cases, an additional analysis may be performed following a recommended treatment program.

Once your VISIA imaging session is complete, our medical esthetician will provide you a detailed complexion report that focuses on specific problem areas, compares your results with others your age, and included treatment recommendations specifically for your complexion.
Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a VISIA Digital Skin Analysis take?
We usually schedule one hour for a VISIA Digital Skin Analysis during a one-on-one skin evaluation. During the appointment, your medical esthetician (or nurse) will examine your complexion and ask you to complete a Skincare History form to become acquainted with your skincare routine, allergies and any skin health issues. We will discuss how you would like to improve your skin, perform the Digital Skin Analysis, discuss product and treatment recommendations based on the results and also address how you can improve your complexion through nutrition.

How often do I need to have a VISIA Digital Skin Analysis?
A copy of your initial VISIA Digital Skin Analysis, which provides a baseline on the health of your skin, will be filed in your skincare chart. Depending on your skin condition and goals, your medical esthetician (or nurse) may choose to perform an additional analysis to measure the effectiveness of treatment and determine further treatment options.

Will I experience any discomfort during the session?
No. There is no discomfort involved in the VISIA Digital Skin Analysis.

Is there a minimum age recommendation for a VISIA session?
No. A VISIA Digital Skin Analysis can be done at any age. It is typically done when a skin health issue needs to be addressed with a facial rejuvenation program or a preventative program.

What is the cost of a Digital Skin Analysis?
To New Radiance MedSpa, we offer the most comprehensive assortment of clinically proven products and treatments. You can feel comfortable knowing that the most appropriate combination will be recommended for your unique skin condition.
For VISIA® Skin Care Analysis in West Palm Beach, visit Radiance MedSpa today.